• LABOR WARRANTY*  Audioworx offers our customers a lifetime warranty on installation labor when product is purchased new through our website or in-store, as long as you own the vehicle. Warranty VOID if ANY work performed by any persons other than Audioworx employees or a shop pre-authorized by Audioworx. If Audioworx determines abuse or tampering of installs including "gain" or "crossover" settings, we will charge by the hour for any time spent repairing, resetting or removing of equipment involved.

  • PRODUCT WARRANTY* Audioworx honors all manufacture warranties on all new product sold on our website or in-store. If manufacturer requires product registration for warranty it is the customers responsibility to fill out required forms and send to manufacturer where specified*.

  • HID / LED WARRANTY* Audioworx offers a lifetime warranty on all new HID and LED lighting sold and installed through our website or in-store*.

  • PRE-OWNED PRODUCT* Audioworx offers a 30 day exchange warranty on all pre-owned products sold through our website or in-store*.

  • * Non-Transferable, only to original purchaser in original vehicle no exceptions.

Warranty Installation